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Group therapy offers a dynamic space where diverse voices come together, fostering healing and growth. In this setting, participants can share their experiences, challenges, and successes, while the therapist facilitates discussions and provides guidance. It's a unique blend of individual support and professional intervention, creating a collaborative space for healing and personal growth, allowing you to flourish in new ways!

Are you looking to receive guidance from others with similar experiences?

Is it helpful to build community and know you are not alone as you go through this?

Do you want to learn and practice skills in a safe and comfortable space ?

Group therapy

  • Learn to overcome social anxiety
  • Develop practical coping skills
  • Prepare for changes in personal life

groups offered

Beginning college can feel like a daunting time. So many individuals may feel more anxiety when thinking about the future, how to make friends, being 'on your own', and so much more. This group is designed to create an encouraging, safe space for high school seniors who need extra support in their transition to college after graduation.

In this group you will:

Embracing Change -
Navigating Anxious Transitions to College

  • Gain useful life skills
  • Plan for your future academically
  • Build connections with others

* Embracing Change is set to run for 5-6 weeks, depending on group need, and will cost $50 per session

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