If you are like me, you know being a therapist is one of the most rewarding gifts in the world. Partnering with our clients in their lives is the greatest honor. I know we do not take it lightly. 

I also know that being a therapist can be difficult, especially when it comes to knowing how to scale your practice, navigate ethical concerns, or engage in modern ways to interact with your client base and reach the world. I get the difficulties, I get the joys, I have been where you have been. And because of that, I know exactly how to help!

I have built a thriving and full private practice, a successful social media presence of 300,000+ engaged followers, and a full second income through brand partnerships online. Between offering 1:1 coaching, in depth courses, free resources, and engaging communities of other clinicians, I want to help you thrive as a fellow therapist!

 Check out some of these offerings below:

my fellow therapist

  • In depth questionnaire focused on supporting your individual needs
  • 55 minute virtual video call 
  • Personalized follow up support with notes + next steps from our time

The tiktok growth guide

Are you looking for 1:1 customized support to help you grow your practice and your online presence? Then let's chat! Together, we will tackle your individual concerns and come up with a personalized treatment plan to ensure success for your practice and professional vision.

For a $250 investment, you receive:

the best option for in depth, one on one, personalized support

learn more here

  • Grow your TikTok account organically
  • Build your online brand + make bank
  • Use your influence to make an extra $$$

Join the course + community that has changed SO many therapists lives and livelihoods! This your one stop shop to help you as a therapist grow your income. grow your influence. grow your impact on TikTok, the fastest growing app in the world. 

In this course you will learn:

a complete, comprehensive guide
to thriving as a therapist online

  • Expand your therapy practice with new clients from TikTok
  • Do it all safely and ethically


join the community

all of this for just $35 monthly...

Are you overwhelmed navigating how to create trending TikToks that help build your brand? This is the thing for you!

The TikTok Therapist Trend Report includes 3-5 trend ideas WEEKLY specifically adapted for use as a therapist. This is exactly what took me from 0 to 60k followers in 90 days when I first started! Now, I use this to continue to grow my community of 300k+ on TikTok.

Take the guesswork out of TikTok trends

Have pre-researched, ready to use ideas curated for you as a therapist

Grow your social media, engagement, AND client base with ease 

tiktok therapist trend report

Simplify your life and make your content creation dreams come true!


a weekly report of the top trends to help you grow on tiktok

top 10 tiktok tips for growth

Download the freebie

Looking for ways to grow and expand your therapy brand into the world of TikTok, but not quite ready to make a monetary investment?

Sign up below to access The Top Ten TikTok Tips for Growth - specifically for therapists - my FREE guide to help your brand thrive on the ever expanding app.

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Holli @therapyandthings

I literally just started my TikTok a couple days ago - Maddie's course made me SO encouraged that this can work for me!

I Love this opportunity...

Mary Beth @yourjourneythrough

Maddie is my go-to for all things TikTok! She understands the unique considerations of being a therapist on social media.

the tiktok growth guide is a total game changer!

Jess @thejessclark

The TikTok Growth Guide- for therapists, is a truly special course. The way Maddie is able to teach & break down each section makes it so easy to learn & implement on the go!

Exactly what I needed

Holli @therapyandthings

I literally just started my TikTok a couple days ago - Maddie's course made me SO encouraged that this can work for me!

I Love this opportunity...